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TAKE BACK – Turn your shoulders while breathing in, racket standing in the hand, left hand on the racket til about ear level then racket further back.


RELAX AND GET STRINGS ONTO THE BALL – Use soft fingers so racket head can get under the ball, don’t hit yet just put the strings on the ball.


CONTACT IN FRONT, SHAPE THE BALL – let the ball sink into the strings and use your hand skills to force the tip of the racket through, breath out.


GUIDE THE BALL AFTER CONTACT – still breathing out while arm extends out following the ball’s trajectory.

Roger Federer Forehand.04.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.05.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.02.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.03.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.06.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.07.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.08.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.09.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.10.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.12.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.11.jpg
Roger Federer Forehand.13.jpg
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