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One to one coaching


This is the most efficient way to get to your goals and to maximise your performance. Having the full attention of a professional is the best way to make changes in your game and will keep you on track for long term development. What you learn and practice at the individual lessons will keep your mind more focused when you train with your buddies and competing against other players. You will do a higher number of good repetitions (technique, tactics, physical and mental) so the learning process is as effective as it can be.



It's for all levels and age groups

Are you a beginner and you'd like to learn and master the proper technique?  Or an experienced player but you struggle in certain game situations?  You'd like to improve your tactical knowledge and find the best game style that suits you?

Having an individual lesson with a pro gives you the most time effective way to reach your goals.


Are you playing full time and competing regularly?


Would you like to win more matches and tournaments? I can help you with complete technical and tactical analysis, tailoring a physical programme for your needs to maximise your performance.

When you are playing at national and international level many times there's only a couple of points to decide who wins the match. Perfecting your technique, finding the appropriate tactical elements, being ready for the physical and mental challenges will increase your chances to become a winner.

To book you individual lesson just get in touch with me either on phone or email.

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