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Junior lessons at Camber LTC

Our goal is to bring the best out of the children we can, and to help them develop at their own pace with confidence. We help them constantly develop and improve but FUN is the name of the game along the way.

We welcome all children at any stage of our program regardless of their age or experience. According to the LTA's recommendation our Mini Tennis Programme has 4 stages:

  • Tots: 3-5 years - Learn the basics

  • Red: 5-8 years - Serve, rally and score

  • Orange: 8-9 years - Develop a rounded game

  • Green: 10 years - Put your skills to the test

At each stage the game is tailored to fit different age groups with different sized courts and balls.

11 years and above we have the "Yellow" ball sessions also for all abilities.

The lessons run Monday to Friday 4-7pm and on Saturdays 9am-2pm.

How do the lessons work?

  • The lessons at Camber are following the school terms (app. 11-16 lessons/term.)

  • All juniors have to be members of the club.

  • Junior membership is £31/year 12U and £62/year for 13-18yrs

  • Please note there’s “no pay as you go system”

  • All lessons should be paid in advance at the beginning of each term.

  • The cost of a session this term: £12.50/hr

  • If the coach has to cancel a lesson due to poor weather or illness, you'll get full refund for that session.

  • The refund will appear in the next term's invoice or the money will be transferred back to your account if you wouldn't like to carry on in the next term.

  • If the weather is bad (rain, strong winds) it's the coach's decision to cancel the lesson and has to give you a notice at least half an hour before the start of the session.

  •  We can provide all the equipment your child needs - NO EXTRA CHARGE - you just have to make sure he/she is wearing non marking shoes and appropriate clothing.


To download ALL ESSENTIAL INFORMATION just click on this sentence.

For more information about Mini Tennis please visit:

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